You weren't supposed to be real
But who is the original? Who's created us? Who's killing us? We need to know, but we lost our cop, so however you managed to get into her shoes, we really need you to stay there. Registered & Protected

Girl Picking Up Girls, watch this!!

make me choose ⟶ anon asked: felicity smoak or sara lance?

Star-Crossed, s01e09.

Star-Crossed, s01e09.

How far would you go?


First Gay Hug - a homophobic experiment where

homophobic people were asked to hug gay people <3 


i can’t breathe at how e! and whatever other media sites rEFUSE to acknowledge the fact that cara delevingne and michelle rodriguez are in some form of a relationship there are literally pictures of them kissing and making out in the ocean while cara is topless and people keep calling them “gal pals!!” i’m gonna faint at straight peopel


if you don’t think miley cyrus breaking down at the point in her show when a huge blow up of her puppy who passed away yesterday comes up and then her younger sister coming on stage to hug her and calm her down is the saddest thing you’ve seen today do not talk to me


this is it.

this is Ellen folks.

Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman call Oprah on ‘Late show’

Dianna Agron visiting the Fruttare Hangout at Coachella.
Dianna Agron visiting the Fruttare Hangout at Coachella.


Cara and Michelle

I’m okey with those advances, but it take a time…i’m sorry.